Who Is Rafaƫl Frost - Trance DJ and Producer

RafaĆ«l Frost was born August 25, 1981 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and he began creating music and songs in 1993 on his first computer , initially with a computer program called ā€œScream Trackerā€. This piece of software allowed RafaĆ«l Frost the ability to experiment with different sequences of sounds. RafaĆ«l had learned to play the guitar a bit, an instrument that he loved as well. In 2004 RafaĆ«l competed in a contest by Ferry Corsten on Radio 3FM, a well known Dutch radio station, and was chosen along with five other producers as the final contenders for ā€œBest New Dance Producer Talent of Holland ā€œ

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Rafael Frost - Boomerang

Here’s a trance song from Rafael Frost , the main front man for Ferry Corsten FlashOver recordings label.
He is quite a producer and DJ definitely keep an eye on Rafael.

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This post was written by DJ Lee Tamus on February 25, 2010

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