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Who Is Adam Nickey - Trance Music Producer and DJ

Adam Nickey - Kai Del Noi - Trance Producer and DJ

Kai Del Noi, known to the electronic music world as Adam Nickey is an artists of trance music who is getting quite popular. As a young boy has been involved music in Southern Poland where his first foray into music making started back in 1997. He produced some tracks and gave them to his friends to listen to and from that point on he took music production more seriously.

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tyDi Talented Trance Producer and DJ - Australia

tyDi Australian trance dj and producer profile

At 21 years of age, DJ Producer tyDi (Tyson Illingworth) showed the world that he was a force to be reckened with in electronic dance music scene. He was ranked the #1 DJ in Australia, and his productions got him signed to Armin Van Buuren’s record label, Armada add to that that his tracks were being played by artists such as Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz.

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Who Is Gareth Emery Electronic Music DJ and Producer

Gareth Emery was voted in 9th position on the 2009 DJ Mag Top 100 Poll (up from number 23 in 2008) and hinted by both Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten as a future star. Gareth Emery is pass up and coming and on the way to becoming a bonified member of the global DJ elite.

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Who Is Rafaël Frost - Trance DJ and Producer

Rafaël Frost was born August 25, 1981 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and he began creating music and songs in 1993 on his first computer , initially with a computer program called “Scream Tracker”. This piece of software allowed Rafaël Frost the ability to experiment with different sequences of sounds. Rafaël had learned to play the guitar a bit, an instrument that he loved as well. In 2004 Rafaël competed in a contest by Ferry Corsten on Radio 3FM, a well known Dutch radio station, and was chosen along with five other producers as the final contenders for “Best New Dance Producer Talent of Holland “

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Who Is Giuseppe Ottaviani - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

Beginning in year 2001 Giuseppe Ottaviani commenced releasing tracks on Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit record label. Ottaviani is now considered one of the most talented producer and influential recording artist in trance music genre. At just 4 years old he began to learn about music and play the piano in his small Italian town called Viterbo near Rome. He then went on to study classical music as a teenager, and eventually he discovered electronic music and decided to DJ clubs and on local radio stations.

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