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2009 Trance Awards - Best Trance DJ, Best Trance Producer, Best Trance Song etc…

Below are the results of the top trance everything for year 2009, thanks to the good folks at Trance Awards which are powered by the good people at Also of course a huge thanks to

Best Trance DJ
1. Paul Van Dyk
2. Armin Van Buuren
3. Tiësto
4. Markus Schulz
5. ATB

Best Trance Producer
1. Paul Van Dyk
2. Armin Van Buuren
3. Tiësto
4. ATB
5. Markus Schulz

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Who Is Christopher Lawrence - Best / Top Trance DJ and Producer (American)

Christopher Lawrence is recognized as one of the World’s top DJs and producers and he was voted the #4 DJ in the world by DJ Magazines prestigious Top 100 poll for 2006. He was called “A Superstar DJ” by the USs URB and considered “One Of The Most Popular DJs On The Global Circuit” by DJ Magazine. In a world dominated by European and UK DJs, Christopher has risen to the top of the international dance music heap and Chris is now one of the biggest, most respected and popular names in dance music today. An American dance music export, who now lives in Australia, he is now a key global player spinning his own style of trance sets on main stages at the world’s biggest festivals and dance clubs.

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Who Is DJ Tiesto - Top Trance DJ And Producer

DJ Tiesto’s real name is Tijs Verwest and he was born in 1969 in Breda. As a young 12 year old he was already creating music, and when he became older at the age of 20 he was taking his music much more seriously. Today DJ Tiesto is known and loved all over the world, this is according to the godfather of English dance scene Paul Oakenfold.

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Who Is Paul Van Dyk - Best Trance Producer and World’s Best Trance DJ


Paul Van Dyk is a worldwide acclaimed and recognized DJ and Producer, as well as being a Grammy nominated artist Paul Van Dyk continues to dominate the electronic music scene. Paul Van Dyk’s name is prominently seen across every Top DJ list around the world, and his fifth album called “In Between” was released August 2007 and featured artist such as Pussycat Dolls Jessica Sutta and producer David Byrne.

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Who Is Sasha - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

DJ Sasha (real name: Alexander Coe) is one of those top DJs that knows how to read the dance crowd and tap into their human experience, and spin the music that takes the crowd on a journey. Sasha DJ style has been described as “Progressive Trance”, however there is always an element of house and break beat to Sasha’s DJ mix sets. Sasha both creates and spins music that brings out the emotions in his fans, it’s an universal skill that has brought in a large and strong fan base around the world.

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