Who Is Jochen Miller - Trance DJ and Producer

Who Is Jochen Miller - Trance DJ and Producer

Jochen Miller is one artist who has been international recognized and respected when it comes to electronic music. Jochen’s singles have been gaining popular international support and peaking in every dance and sales chart, Miller is quickly becoming the new star coming from the multiple of talented Dutch individuals from electronic music scene.

For many years he has been one of the big names in his home country’s dance scene. Jochen was instrumental in the popularity of this Dutch club Matrixx, he was the first resident DJ. The increasing rise of The Matrixx made Jochen Miller one of the biggest names in the Dutch electronic music scene in the years following.

Jochen brings to the decks some versatile DJ-sets, and he enjoys taking the crowd on a journey throw electronic music. Gaining popularity he now performs at leading events such as: Trance Energy, Mysteryland and Dance Valley, to name but a few.

After proving himself as a DJ, he decided to try producing and met that challenge with success. After releasing some early work, he continued to refine his production skills, which resulted many big releases starting from year 2008. A co-production with the legendary producer Rank had the support from all the leading names in the scene. Jochen followed that success with his solo single ‘Lost Connection’ which further his fame. This instant classic reached peak positions in all music download stores.

Jochen Miller’s other successful releases include: Eclipse, 9 Minutes and Face Value. Meanwhile Jochen Miller is looking forward for next year, continuing with new releases and remixes, one thing is sure, things have only just begun for Jochen Miller.

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  1. DJ De Cruz (Australia) June 15, 2010 11:27 pm

    Hey DJ

    Love your articles and web info

    Keep up the great work…

    Regards from Down Under
    “Alliance DJs”

  2. DJ Lee Tamus June 16, 2010 6:58 pm

    Thanks “Alliance DJs” much appreciated…please do tell your peers about BestTranceMusic.com



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