Who Is Giuseppe Ottaviani - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

Who Is Giuseppe Ottaviani - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

Beginning in year 2001 Giuseppe Ottaviani commenced releasing tracks on Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit record label. Ottaviani is now considered one of the most talented producer and influential recording artist in trance music genre. At just 4 years old he began to learn about music and play the piano in his small Italian town called Viterbo near Rome. He then went on to study classical music as a teenager, and eventually he discovered electronic music and decided to DJ clubs and on local radio stations.

Being a real technology lover Guiseppe Ottaviani began to make and produce his own music and when he met Andrea Ribeca and Giacomo Miccichè in 1999 who were also electronic music enthusiasts and DJs, they quickly decided to start their own music project called NU NRG. This was Giuseppe’s starting point as a professional musician and producer.

Giuseppe Ottaviani has released club anthems like Dreamland, the Spaceflower EP, Butterfly, Casino, Connective and the smash hit Free Fall and won many awards like the Trance Award in 2004 and 2006 for Best Live Act. That is why he is playing on the largest electronic Festivals and events all over the world.

In 2005 Giuseppe Ottaviani began his successful solo career. His solo-productions like Linking People,
Through Your Eyes or his compilation The Vandit Sessions 4 receive an outstanding feedback from fans and djs all around the globe. The tracks La Dolce Vita and Far Away on Paul van Dyks new album In Between again show his quality as one of the most creative artists in this scene. He also keeps on performing live with just as much enthusiasm as before, Giuseppe Ottaviani goes to say:

“Playing my own music live is something special, something that really touches me.” Giuseppe says,
“it is an electronic music concert, performing on stage allows you to get through to the people,
they really breathe the music, you can establish a two-way bond with them and the music itself
changes and reacts to the people, this is why each show is different, unique.”

What ever the future brings for Giuseppe Ottaviani, it will be met with success.

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