Who Is Ferry Corsten - Top DJ and Electronic Music Producer

Who Is Ferry Corsten - Top DJ and Electronic Music Producer

Ferry Corsten is a person that never stands still, he is one of the rare breed of individuals that have always as a great DJ and a great producer. Ferry Corsten puts his passion into each musical project and is enjoys being on the stage at the world’s largest dance parties or concentrating on producing a trance, dance song in his studio in Rotterdam. Voted number 6 in the world by DJMagazine readers, Ferry Corsten’s 17 year music production and DJ career is one of the most successful of any dance artist. All you have to do is look at the countless gold discs, awards and albums on his wall for proof.

Ferry Corsten is responsible for starting a brand new era of Dutch trance. He was snapped up and signed by Pete Tong and Essential . Ferry Corsten was also signed up by Ministry Of Sound to mix their new Trance Nation series and his myriad of aliases were responsible for some of the biggest dance tracks of their time. At one point, you could not get onto the dance floors of clubs like Gatecrasher or Godskitchen in the U.K without hearing some of Ferry’s uplifting productions, one after the other.

Even though things change over times Ferry Corsten has stayed well ahead. A lot of trance dj personalities of the late 90s trance era have dwindled below the radar but Ferry Corsten continues to ride high at the pinnacle of the modern dance movement both as a DJ and a prominent producer. Tracks like the uplifting ‘Carte Blanche’ (as Veracocha) became the defining trance anthems of the late 90s, however Ferry Corsten was never going to be stereotyped to pure euphoric trance style alone. Even way before his production had conquered the UK charts and the globe’s dancefloors, he had already experimented with ambient productions, drum and bass and even gabba.

Ferry Corsten as a producer was responsible for giving trance a new glow by introducing fresh electro influences into what was becoming a generic sound. Rightly so, his 2002 electro-fused anthem ‘Punk’ sounded like nothing that had gone before it. The first track that Corsten released under his own name, ‘Punk’s’ infectious weaving electro-synth blended the Dutchman’s trademark big room sound with the electro influences he first absorbed as a Rotterdam teenager. Years ahead of its time, ‘Punk’ not only rose high as the biggest trance anthem of the year but achieved crossover success through its fresh uniqueness.

Not content with creating massive selling singles, Corsten is one of trance music’s only true album artists. Ferry is a producer as capable of creating diverse richly textured artist albums as he is those instant, explosive dancefloor rushes. A tireless producer who has been fascinated by studio equipment ever since he began producing as fresh faced teenager (his first release was at just sixteen), Corsten has always found time to conjure some of the most magical remixes around.

Ferry Corsten’s musical presentation never fail to inspire, excite and entertain the crowd, fusing the most futuristic trance with dashes of techno and electro. Ferry Corsten manages to turn each set into a story in itself but never forgets why he’s there, which is to give his fans a time they’ll never forget. Globally admired by the hordes of trance fans, the fanatical response to his sets are the same whether it be in any club or festival around the world.

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