Who Is DJ Tiesto - Top Trance DJ And Producer

Who Is DJ Tiesto - Top Trance DJ And Producer

DJ Tiesto’s real name is Tijs Verwest and he was born in 1969 in Breda. As a young 12 year old he was already creating music, and when he became older at the age of 20 he was taking his music much more seriously. Today DJ Tiesto is known and loved all over the world, this is according to the godfather of English dance scene Paul Oakenfold.

Tiesto has been a resident Dj since 1999 at Gatecrasher one of the most popular nightclub in Leeds, England. Also in 1999 he collaborated with Ferry Corsten on a production Gouryella that was a top 20 hit in England.

DJ Tiesto developed his own style independently away from the influences of other DJs. Through this isolation if you will, he was able to develop himself and his own style of dance / trance music. At the beginning of his career he mainly played new beats and acid house, however as time went on he started playing remixes of popular pop songs like “Vogue” from Madonna.

Nowadays, DJ Tiesto is extremely busy, his agenda is always filled and he is never at one place for very long. Tiesto describes being a Dj like this, “Playing music is more than put some vinyl on my equipment. Timing is the most important thing in house music. You can play the same tracks at two night clubs but at one night the crowd gets bored, the other night the people are partying there heads off! Being a DJ and performing is like a top sport.”

Tiesto has gained a huge following with Europe’s club scene, but the mainstream has caught on as well bringing him more into a limelight as a top trance / dance DJ and music producer. In the past 5 years he has also gained recognition outside of Europe becoming very popular all over the world, all you have to do is play one of his “In Search of Sunrise” CD mixes from beginning to end and you will know the positive feelings his mixes brings about.

DJ Tiesto sets himself apart from the pack by hand-picking tunes that will linger with people hours after the club has closed, that is why he has been consistently at the top 3 position of the DJ Mag Trance DJ awards for many years. With this seamlessly mixed spectrum of songs, DJ Tiesto wants you to enjoy the vibe, whether you’re an avid clubber or just someone who loves to listen to dance music at home.

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