Who Is Sasha - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

Who Is Sasha - Trance Producer and Top Trance DJ

DJ Sasha (real name: Alexander Coe) is one of those top DJs that knows how to read the dance crowd and tap into their human experience, and spin the music that takes the crowd on a journey. Sasha DJ style has been described as “Progressive Trance”, however there is always an element of house and break beat to Sasha’s DJ mix sets. Sasha both creates and spins music that brings out the emotions in his fans, it’s an universal skill that has brought in a large and strong fan base around the world.

Sasha’s skills are not just in the dance clubs, in the studio his musical talent also come to light. He has been asked to write music for video games as well. One of his video game scoring success was with Sony Playstation’s 1999 game release of “WipeOut 3″.  Sasha scored 5 original tracks to sound scape the video game which won the best racing game award. In the studios Sasha has also produced remixes of songs from Chemical Brothers and Madonna.

Sasha was born in a small town in Wales, UK and his road to success has been a long one, it definitely was not overnight. He was exposed to the sounds of Motown records as a youngster and Sasha eventually developed musical skills, such as playing the piano / keyboards. At a club in Machester called Hacienda, Sasha was exposed to dance / house music for the first time. House music really moved him and impacted him so much that he moved from Wales to Manchester to explore Djing. He eventually volunteered in a local pub.

Sasha improved his skills on the decks, and was offered a residency at Stokes legendary night club called Shelly’s, that was his first big break into the dance club scene. The majority of DJ’s at the time was playing House music from the United States, however Sasha took a different route, playing his style of uplifting house tracks from Italy with piano and acapella tracks over top, it was this combination coupled with house music anthems the kept the dance floors always full and brought Sasha to DJ star status.

The club Shelly’s was a stepping stone for Sasha, his next residency was at club Renaissance, where Sasha developed his new style in UK house music. Sasha mixed the first ever UK DJ mix album and there he also met John Digweed which created the beginnings of a partnership called “Northern Exposure.” From that point on Sasha and John Digweed played all over the world, they have mixed 3 “Northern Exposure” albums that sold over a million copies worldwide.

John Digweed and Sasha forged a kinship, they were like brothers on the decks, and their status got them a monthly club residency at New York’s Twilo. It brought Sasha and Digweed to the status level of Vasquez and Tenaglia. Before Twilo closed in 2001, Sasha and Digweed’s residency reached cult status in New York.

DJ / Producer Sasha has a generous personality by nature, has a candid humour and he values and love his peers. It is this quality that makes Sasha a likeable celebrity DJ. Sasha is a superstar DJ that has brought the sounds of U.K dance music to the United States through his residency in New York.

Like many DJs / musicians Sasha’s first love is of course for the music, and it gives him a good vibe to share his music with others. Sasha has left great melodies, stories and memories for his fans worldwide and that is what makes a DJ legend.

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