Who Is Adam Nickey - Trance Music Producer and DJ

Who Is Adam Nickey - Trance Music Producer and DJ

Adam Nickey - Kai Del Noi - Trance Producer and DJ

Kai Del Noi, known to the electronic music world as Adam Nickey is an artists of trance music who is getting quite popular. As a young boy has been involved music in Southern Poland where his first foray into music making started back in 1997. He produced some tracks and gave them to his friends to listen to and from that point on he took music production more seriously.

He released the album “The Dream” under the nickname Kai Del Noi in 2004 and it was a small for him, in Poland, but it meant a lot to him, so he decided to keep producing. In 2005 he decided to change his artist name for a more global appeal to Adam Nickey, as well he decided to produce tracks with a more uplifting trance and progressive feel.

Some popular productions by Adam Nickey are “Perfect Destiny” and “Forgotten Island”, these successful songs put Adam on the map and he was now recognized all over the world for his trance music productions.

With popular songs under his belt more and more European Labels wanted to release Adam Nickey’s music. Adam is puts alot energy and emotional into his every tracks, this is why the songs are liked by listeners all over the world.

Nowadays, Adam’s music is very well know and his tracks and remixes have gain alot of support from such famous electronic music artists as: Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, Solarstone, Ronski Speed ,Agnelli & Nelson, Ferry Corsten, Kyau vs. Albert , Paul Van Dyk , Lee Tamus , Alex M.O.R.P.H., Mark Pledger , Super 8 & Tab , Activa, Aly & Fila, Ian Beets, Pedro Del Mar, Progression, Matt Hardwick , Mark Eteson and more.

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