Who Is David Forbes - Top Veteran DJ and Producer

Who Is David Forbes - Top Veteran DJ and Producer

Over the last 15 years David has been at the forefront of the EDM scene since the mid 90’s to the present day David and he has perfected his production skills and Dj’ing ability down to a fine art.E asily one of the UK’s and the world’s most versitile electronic Musicproducers.

David Forbes is one of the most hardworking producers in the Uk, with 15 years of experiance under his belt, constant support from the worlds top DJs like Armin, Tiesto, Pvd, Carl Cox, Sasha,Above & Beyond, Halliwell, Svd the list go’s on they have all had a David Forbes Track in their cd’s wallets at some point.

Forbes has warmed up for Tiesto and played at massive events like Nature 1 with other top DJs, Armin van Burren, Ferry Corsten, Deadmau5 to name a few. Musically David Forbes has many number 1 tracks on the charts both Trackitdown and Beatport trance chart, He is a diversified musician producing styles from house music for the likes of Eric Morrilos Subliminal Records , Trance / Techno for Armin’s Armada Music , Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit Records , Reset , Oxygen, Detox , Silicon Recordings , Full Tiltin , Extravaganza , Universal Records , Dosordie , Five Am , Anjuna Beats , Fenology ,the legendary Noom records , Monster Tunes , limbo records , Whoop , Kingdomekomekuts, there’s really no boundries to Davids Dj & production talents.

David Forbes has now over 100 releases and is constantly touring the world playing at top clubs and events. David Forbes is so popular that there isn’t a DJ out there that has not played one of David’s tracks in a DJ set.

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