Who Is Marcel Woods - Electronic Music DJ and Producer

Who Is Marcel Woods - Electronic Music DJ and Producer

Marcel Woods is a DJ and producer that defies categories. He produces and spins many different styles of electronic dance music, so you can’t call him a trance DJ or a techno DJ or a house DJ at any one time. Basically, he produces what he feels sounds good and DJs in a similar fashion.

Many people have tried to define his sound, but in the end this is not possible because Marcel Woods has produced a whole whack of great sounding electronic music over his career with many different genre influences that it leaves people confused and liking the sound at the same time.

Marcel woods has DJ at gigs such as Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Trance Energy, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, Escape Into The Park, Planet Love and Sanctuary sometimes in just one summer and he is one of only a few DJs that fused all different styles into a DJ set and the crowd seems to love it.

The official Trance Energy 2006 anthem called ‘Advanced’ put his name on the map of the electronic music scene and Tiësto’s in 2009 featured ‘Inside Me’ and the smash hit ‘Lemon Tree’ in many of his DJ sets.

The ‘Musical Madness’ record label has done quite well featuring Marcel Woods productions and now is about to reach 50 released tracks and Marcel Woods also has a monthly radio show / Podcast and further compilation CDs.

When Marcel’s is not DJing abroad, he is back in his studio coming up with tracks that feature his unique sound. The track called “Everything” made the number 1 spot in early 2010 on all internet download stores including Beatport, and Marcel followed with other tracks like ‘The Bottle’ and ‘Tomorrow’ that also climbed the charts and playlists.

Marcel Woods is second album Musical Madness 2 is out and the final product is nothing but exciting and refreshing as is most of his productions.

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