Who Is Andy Tau - Trance, Progressive DJ and Producer - Profile

Who Is Andy Tau - Trance, Progressive DJ and Producer - Profile

Andy MacDougall otherwise known as Andy Tau in the DJ / Producer world is a Scottish born electronic musician living in London. Andy Tau started out as a producer many years ago producing and releasing tracks using different aliases and also creating tracks of different electronic music genres. During that time Andy Tau was basically developing his signature sound. Andy Tau released his first track in 2007 and his sound has developed from uplifting trance to deep house, then to progressive trance. Like many artist Andy evolves the production to his changing music tastes.

In the year 2008 Andy Tau was busy with many hits in trance and progressive area with releases on Bonzai, Infrasonic and Monster Tunes.

On Infrasonic, Andy Tau concentrated on remixes and was quite successful at it. These remixes were supported by many top trance DJ’s.

Andy’s release, North was released on Bonzai and features chilled out progressive trance track and it was remixed by Airwave and again gained support from lots of DJs. With lots of tracks below his belt Andy Tau has a reputation as a consistent producer as he morphs his style to a more progressive sound. In 2009 he produced 4 progressive tracks for Neuroscience Recordings.

Over the last few years Andy Tau’s DJing career is just starting to gain momentum after spending most of his energy producing. As a DJ Andy Tau plays a mixture of house and progressive with an emphasis on groove and uplifting tracks.

It is now year 2011 and Andy is still going strong with great trance and progressive productions, make sure to check out Andy Tau’s music.

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  1. DJ De Cruz May 20, 2011 1:32 am

    nice info

    the world can never have enough trance and prog producers….whens your next release Lee?

    DJ De Cruz

  2. DJ Lee Tamus May 21, 2011 3:56 pm

    Hey De Cruz, my next release should be by end of July this year.