Who is Trance DJ and Producer BT (Brian Transeau)

Who is Trance DJ and Producer BT (Brian Transeau)

Brian Transeau, also known as BT has paid his dues and earned his place among the legends of electronic music. BT’s music is not just electronic though. Although he relies heavily on an arsenal of electronic instruments and tones, his songs have a decidedly organic feel to them. “I try to make really provocative, emotional, electronic music that has an essence of humanity. It doesn’t sound like technology controlling the human. It sounds like the human controlling the technology,” BT explains.

BT is mostly known for his music in the realm of trance, but Brian Transeau has traversed into other genres as well. BT cites an array of incredibly diverse influences ranging from Debussy and Stravinsky to Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel. BT actually had an opportunity to work with fellow Korg artist, Peter Gabriel, and remarked, “It was an incredible honor to work with someone who is a long standing hero of mine. He’s so ingrained into my musical consciousness that I feel like he’s a part of me, rather than an influence of mine.”

On top of writing and performing his own material, BT works with many other artists, and has immersed himself in film scoring during the past few years.

If BT had to choose a favorite genre of musical project to work on, the decision would not be an easy one to make. “I like all of it! People know not to know what to expect from me.” BT continues, “I love standing in front of a one hundred and ten piece orchestra and conducting. I love being on stage and playing for a festival audience. I love being in the studio working on an album. I love coaching people on vocals and producing. There are several different avenues, and I feel really blessed that I am able to constantly experiment in my career and not do the same thing every day.”

BT (Brian Transeau) and all of his wide variety of skills are in high demand. One of the bigger ventures on the horizon is a reality television show revolving around sending a high profile rock star to college. Not only is BT scoring the music for the show, but the show’s concept was also his. To keep up on what’s new with the perpetually busy BT.

BT will be DJing at the March 2009 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida… I’ll be sure to check him out in Miami. It’s going to be good to see him back behind the decks, the last time I saw him was in Los Angeles California.

He is an exceptionally talented DJ, producer, musician and singer.  Watch some of his videos below:

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