Who Is Signum - Long Lasting Trance DJs / Producers

Who Is Signum - Long Lasting Trance DJs / Producers

Signum has been around for many manyl years, they are one of few groups of producers of trance that can be considered in for the long haul and they have been moving crowds and rocking the turntables all around. Pascal Minnaard and Ronald Hagen make up the group Signum and these guys have been responsible for keeping trance alive throughout the years.

Signum, the team of Pascal Minnaard and Ronald Hagen are based in Zoetermeer which is near The Hague in The Netherlands and they have had a big impact on the trance music scene around the world with their productions.. Signum the group was complete after both Pascal and Ronald signed to the BPM Dance which is a Dutch label. Their first track together called ‘What You Got For Me’, which in 1997 was huge club hit in 2001 and secured the songs status as a trance classic.

Signum had established themselves as both respectable producers and remixers with many remixes of such trance artist as ATB, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren and much more. However, Signum also aimed to be great DJs and their UK debut was a three hour set in Gatecrasher, in July 2001, which was a tremendous success that saw them go to many countries around the world.

BPM Dance closed In 2003 but Ron and Pascal was signed on by Armada Music. Armada Music was a growing label that signed many popular electronic music artist and this was a big step for Signum. The future looks good for Signum as they continued to rock crowds around the world with their DJ sets and come out with great trance productions.

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