Who is ATB (Andre Tanneberger) - DJ / Composer/ Producer

Who is ATB (Andre Tanneberger) - DJ / Composer/ Producer

Andre Tanneberger (ATB) is an extremely talented songwriter and producer and DJ. He has produced some awesome and melodic club tracks and he plays them with other electronic music in his countless DJ sets around the globe. ATB has gained worldwide fame for his numerous top ten hits such as “Let U Go”, “9 PM (Till I Come)”, “Ecstasy”, “Killer”, and “Don’t Stop”. However, ATB also has another more relax style to his production…a more atmospheric side where he compose and produce smoother songs to lose yourself in, where you can immerse in your dreams.

His productions have always been international in ATB have never thought about territories as such, or composed a track that for a particular region or country. Andre basically thinks people are the same all over the world when it comes to music. Club music is a worldwide phenomenon and music is the international language. He says “Dance music is a brilliant way to connect people all over the world”.

ATB has spent more than ten years making electronic music and being a DJ and it has widened Andre’s horizons. He has grown older and his musical taste have grown with him. One thing for sure though is that ATB’s (Andre) heart is still in electronic music, as well as being open to pop music.

Today as for over the last ten years ATB continues to tour Germany all over America, Asia and across Europe and Australia.

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